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2Go Travel Superferry September 2017 Ticket Prices

For our readers who were requesting for the ticket prices of 2Go Travel, here are the September 2017 Superferry ship ticket rates for its various routes.

Passage rates may not be the cheapest fare for September 2017 but these are the lowest priced ticket for the date (Super Value or Mega Value Accommodation).

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These 2Go Fares for September 2017 are for Manila to Cebu, Bacolod, Dumaguete, Iloilo and vice versa; Manila to Cagayan De Oro, Butuan, Dipolog, Iligan, Ozamiz, Zamboanga and Vice Versa and Batangas to Caticlan, Odiongan, Romblon, Roxas and Vice Versa.


Superferry Ticket Prices to Visayas and Vice Versa

Manila Bacolod/ Bacolod to Manila 2Go Boat Fares

Manila-to-Bacolod-September-2017-2Go-Fare-Rate  Bacolod-to-Manila-2Go-Ticket-Price-September-2017

Manila to Cebu- September 18, 2017: P 1,207.19

Cebu to Manila- September 20, 2017: P 1,285.19

Manila to Dumaguete- September 24, 2017: P 2,030.00

Dumaguete to Manila- September 27, 2017: P 2,030.00

Manila to Iloilo- September 8, 2017: P 1,207.19

Iloilo to Manila- September 13, 2017: P 1,363.19

September 2017 2Go Boat Fares to and from Mindanao

Manila to Cagayan De Oro/ Cagayan de Oro to Manila Ticket Rates

Manila-to-Cagayan-De-Oro-September-2017-Boat-Fare  Cagayan-De-Oro-to-Manila-2Go-Promo-September-2017

Manila to Butuan- September 18, 2017: P 1,829.98

Butuan to Manila- September 17, 2017: P 1,587.19

Manila to Dipolog- September 24, 2017: P 2,430.00

Dipolog to Manila- September 20, 2017: P 1,587.19

Manila to Iligan- September 11, 2017: P 2,152.00

Iligan to Manila- September 16, 2017: P 1,665.18

Manila to Ozamiz- September 4, 2017: P 2,174.01

Ozamiz to Manila- September 23, 2017: P 1,743.18

Manila to Zamboanga- September 24, 2017: P 2,480.00

Zamboanga to Manila- September 26, 2017: P 1,670.78

2Go Travel Ship Fares from/ to Batangas

Batangas to Caticlan- September 18, 2017: P 973.60

Caticlan to Batangas Sale Ticket– September 24, 2017: P 335.20

Batangas to Odiongan Promo Fare– September 21, 2017: P 335.20

Odiongan to Batangas- September 26, 2017: P 914.00

Batangas to Romblon- September 8, 2017: P 895.60

Romblon to Batangas Promo Ticket– September 13, 2017: P 290.80

Batangas to Roxas- September 22, 2017: P 1,051.59

Roxas to Batangas- September 30, 2017: P 973.60


Ticket prices were taken randomly via online booking at 2Go Travel website: www.travel.2go.com.ph few hours before posting this article.

When you want to check on ticket prices for your trips, just log on the shipping company website and book online, or you may contact 2Go shipping hotline at (02) 528 7000 for booking or inquiries.

As you can see there are boat trips with Superferry promo fares (check the boat fares in pink) which are the residue sale tickets from previous 2Go Travel promos.

Here is Superferry September 2017 Ship Schedule to the Visayas.

For 2Go Travel September & October 2017 Ship Schedule and Boat Fares to and from Palawan routes, click HERE.

As many are booking Superferry tickets, there are chances these prices may no longer be available in the future if you will not book at once these 2Go affordable fares.

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