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2Go Travel Boat Trips and Fare Rate to/from Palawan: September & October 2017


Are you planning to visit Coron, Palawan and Puerto Princesa? Check 2Go Travel boat schedule and ticket prices for September and October 2017 to and from Palawan ports on this post.

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The departure schedule shown below are the Superferry boat trips Manila to Puerto Princesa/vice versa, Manila to Coron and vice versa and Puerto Princesa to Coron/ Coron to Puerto Princesa.

Presented also are 2Go Travel ticket prices for the routes Manila to Puerto Princesa, Manila to Coron, Palawan, Puerto Princesa to Manila and Coron to Manila.

For 2Go Travel ship schedule to the Visayas, check HERE.

Here is 2Go Travel September 2017 Ticket Prices for other routes.

2Go Travel Palawan Schedule September & October 2017

Manila to Puerto Princesa 2Go Boat Trips/Vice Versa
 Manila-to-Puerto-Princesa-September-and-October-2017-Ship-Schedule   Puerto-Princesa-to-Manila-September-October-2017-Boat-Schedule.
2Go Travel Sailing Schedule Manila to Coron/ Coron to Manila
Manila-to-Coron-September-and-October-2017-Ship-Schedul   Coron-to-Manila-September-October-2017-Ship-Schedule
Puerto Princesa to Coron Ship Departures and Vice Versa

Puerto-Princesa-to-Coron-September-October-Ship-Schedule  Coron-to-Puerto-Princesa-September-October-2017-Boat-Schedule.

Superferry Boat Fares to and from Palawan September 2017

Manila to Puerto Princesa- September 8, 2017: P 1,780.00

Puerto Princesa to Manila- September 13, 2017: P 1,285.19

Manila to Coron, Palawan- September 5, 2017: P 1,129.20

Coron to Manila Promo Ticket



Puerto Princesa to Coron- September 13, 2017: P 983.19

Coron to Puerto Princesa- September 6, 2017: P 983.19

October 2017 2Go Ticket Rates to and from Palawan September 2017

Manila to Puerto Princesa- October 24, 2017: P 1,780.00

Puerto Princesa to Manila Promo Fare– October 28, 2017- P 534.79 

Manila to Coron- October 24, 2017: P 1,129.20

Coron to Manila Sale Ticket– October 26, 2017: P 378.80 

Puerto Princesa to Coron- October 28, 2017: P 983.19

Coron to Puerto Princesa Promo Ticket– October 28, 2017: P 456.79

As of now there is no ongoing 2Go Travel promo fare. However, if you look at Superferry ticket prices above, there are dates having sale tickets which are remnants of the past promos (please see ticket rates in pink).

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