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Guide on How to Book 2Go Travel and Superferry Tickets Online

Booking online is one feature available for 2Go Travel Superferry clients, enabling them to book and get their tickets in the confines of their homes or offices.

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For those who need assistance, this tutorial aims to help them do their ticket reservation, booking and paying their 2Go Travel tickets thru the online booking facility of 2Go Travel.

Upon confirmation of your ticket payment, you will receive an eTicket Itinerary Receipt. Keep this as you will hand this over to the 2Go Travel team when you board the 2Go Travel shipping vessels.

How to Book with 2Go Travel Superferry

Before proceeding with the Online Booking Steps, be ready with the following:

  • Port of origin (port where you will board the ship)- example: Manila
  • Destination (your port of call)- example: Cebu
  • Date of your travel
  • Credit card or ATM debit card- you need to pay thru ATM or credit card when doing online booking at 2Go Travel website. You cannot book online if you don’t have any of these two mode of payment

If you don’t have ATM card or credit card, your other options of getting your 2Go ticket is either going to 2Go ticket offices or their accredited travel agents.

Do you have everything? Let us start.  .  .

To do your online ticket booking, log on to 2Go Travel website: travel.2go.com.ph

Step 1: 2Go Travel Superferry Online Booking

  • Choose your origin on the dropdown menu
  • Then, select your destination
  • Pick-out your preferred departure or sailing date– you will see the dates, time and name of the ship that will take you to your destination
  • Number of persons– as a default 1 is already in the tab. No need to modify this if you are alone. Change this if you will be booking for more than 1 passenger.
  • With Meal” is not clickable as a meal is automatically included in your ticket
  • W/ Insurance? This depends on you. By clicking ”yes”, you want to travel with insurance and you will be paying extra for the 2Go Travel insurance. Click “no” if you don’t want to get the travel insurance.
  • With Linen”? UPDATED October 2016: This is no longer optional but already a part of the cost of booking a 2Go Travel ticket.


After filling up all required information, click BOOK NOWA new page will load, got the right bottom portion and tick OK.

Step 2: Booking Online with 2Go Superferry 

  • Accommodation: Here you can check the 2Go Travel ship accommodation you would like to get for your trip.

 Available accommodations on 2Go ships are: Super Value Class, Tourist Class, Mega Value Class, Cabin,  Stateroom, Business Room. The cheapest is the Super Value Class.

  • Specify the ship accommodations of your choice by clicking the “circle” at the side of the accommodation. You will then see the total amount you will be paying for your ticket. This already include the taxes and fees.


If the total amount shown is fine with you, click CONTINUE.

Step 3: Online Booking with 2Go Travel

  • You need to fill-out completely all the Passenger Information on this page: last name, first name, middle initial, gender, age.


In case that the passenger is a Senior Citizen, the OSCA ID number should be also typed in the space under OSCA ID. This is needed so the senior citizen can avail of the discount due to them.

  • Move downward to the bottom and tick CONTINUE. 
  • A confirmation page will appear. Check if the Passenger data and Total Fare is correct. 

Step 3 Confirmation_of_Passenger_and_Fare_Details

Once all the details are confirmed, go to the bottom of the page and click CONTINUE.

On departure date, the Senior Citizen has to present his/her ID to the crew upon boarding the ship. The passenger has to pay back the given discount if he/she fails to show the Senior Citizen ID.

 Step 4: Superferry Online Booking

The new page is the Contact Information Page. You need to type here your contact information. Double check if the data is correct. If the details are accurate, scroll down and you will see Optional Questions which you can answer if you like to.

Going down to the bottom, tick the button besides the statement “I agree to 2Go eTicket Terms and Conditions”.

Step_4-Contact_Information & eTicket Agreement

After ticking, click CONFIRM.

Step 5: 2Go Online Ticket Booking

  • The new page is where you will see the Payment Option for your 2Go eTicket booking.
  • Choose whether to pay your eTicket thru credit card or ATM card by ticking the “circle” at their side.
  • Then, click CONTINUE

Step_5_Ticket Payment Option

New PAYMENT PAGE will pop up

In the sample I book using the ATM card so it is stated in the page that the Weepay Payment solution is for ATM card transaction only.

Review the Amount to be debited from your ATM card. If all is fine, click CONTINUE.

Review_Ticket Payment Amount

A new page will load where you have to input your ATM card numbers which you can find at the front of your ATM. Just follow the instruction in this page.

Once payment is successful, you will received the eTicket Itinerary Receipt in your email.


How to Get the eTicket from 2Go Travel

After payment is completed, your eTicket Itinerary Receipt will be send to the email address you indicated in the Contact Information Section during booking. So it is very important to double-check all the information you provided in your 2Go online ticket booking.

You need to download the eTicket Itinerary and print it. This has to be presented upon boarding the ship together with the documents below. 

For the protection of the true owner of the credit card or ATM card, 2Go Travel requires the documents  below to be shown to the 2Go Team upon boarding the ship:

Documents Required for ATM Transactions

  • 2 copies of the originally signed eTicket Itinerary Receipt
  • A valid ID of the passenger

Requirements for Credit Card Transactions

  • 2 copies of the eTicket Itinerary Receipt (originally signed by the Credit Card owner and the Passenger/s)
  • Photocopy of a valid ID of the Credit Card holder
  • Photocopy of the credit card used in purchasing the ticket- ONLY the front portion
  • Photocopy of Passenger’s valid ID

Note: 2Go has the right to refuse boarding if passengers cannot present the documents upon request.

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