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FASTCAT Ferries Routes, Contact Information, Ship Schedules 2017

Will you be traveling in the Philippines many islands? Try taking the FastCat Ferries if you will be traveling between Batangas, Mindoro, Sorsogon, Aklan, Iloilo, Negros Occidental, Negros Oriental, Cebu, Leyte, Samar, Zamboanga Del Norte and Surigao.

The FastCat ferries are catamaran Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) ferries that travel between the Philippine islands to bring not only passengers, but cargo as well. Serving mostly the eastern and western sea routes, these shipping vessels are owned and operated by Archipelago Philippine Ferries Corporation or APFC.

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To facilitate the rapid transfer of passengers and good, APFC embarked on a re-fleeting in 2010. In partnership with Sea Transport Solution of Australia, 10 brand new custom crafted Ro-Ro vessels fitted with world class amenities and compliant with international standards of life saving and firefighting are brought to the Philippines.

FastCat Ferries Routes, Contact Information and Departure Schedule 2017


What are the routes or destinations of FastCat ships?

Below are the present routes of Fastcat shipping vessels

  • Batangas to and from Calapan, Mindoro
  • Bulalacao (Mindoro) to Caticlan (Aklan) and vice versa
  • Matnog (Sorsogon) to/from San Isidro (Samar)
  • Bacolod City to or from Iloilo
  • Liloan (Leyte) to Lipata (Surigao) and vice versa
  • San Carlos (Negros Occidental) to/from Toledo (Cebu)
  • Cebu City (Cebu) – Tubigon (Bohol) and vice versa
  • Dumaguete (Negros Oriental) to/from Dapitan (Zamboanga Del Norte)

FASTCAT Ferries Trip Schedule 2017

Batangas to Calapan (Mindoro) Departure Schedule (Daily)

12:00AM/ 1:30AM/6 :00AM/ 9:00AM/ 11:00AM/ 2:30PM/ 6:00PM/ 8:00PM

Daily Calapan to Batangas Boat Departure Time

2:30AM/ 6:30AM/ 8:30AM/ 12:00PM/ 2:00PM/ 5:00PM? 9:00PM/ 11:00PM

Travel time for Batangas to or from Calapan: 1.5 hours

FastCat Boat Schedule Cebu to Tubigon

1:30AM/ 7:30AM/ 1:30PM/ 8:00PM

Tubigon to Cebu Sailing Time

5:00AM/ 10:30AM/ 5:30PM/ 10:30PM

Cebu to or from Tubigon travel time: 1 ½ hours

San Carlos City to Toledo City Trip Schedule

1:00AM/ 5:00AM/ 9:00AM/ 1:00PM/ 5:00PM

Daily Schedule Toledo City to San Carlos City

3:AM/ 7:00AM/ 11:00AM/ 3:00PM/ 7:00PM

Travel Time for San Carlos to or from Toledo City is 1 hour

FastCat Departure Time Liloan to Lipata

4:00AM/ 12:00PM/ 8:00PM

Lipata, Surigao to Liloan Boat Sailing Time

12:00AM/ 8:00AM/ 4:00PM

Liloan to or from Lipata boat travel: 2 hours

Matnog to San Isidro Departure Schedule

6:00AM/ 12:00PM/ 6:00PM/ 12:00AM

San Isidro to Matnog Trip Schedule

3:00AM/ 9:00AM/ 3:00PM/ 9:00PM

Boat trip Matnog to or from San Isidro: 1 ½ hours

Bulalacao to Caticlan FastCat Sailing Time (starting August 14, 2017)

10:00AM/ 3:00PM/ 10:00PM/ 3:00AM

Caticlan to Bulalacao Ship Departure Schedule

3:00AM/ 10:00AM/  3:00PM/ 10:00PM

Travel time Bulalacao to or from Caticlan is 3 hours

FastCat Bacolod to Iloilo Schedule

8:00AM/ 2:00PM/ 8:00Pm/ 2:00AM

Ship Departure Schedule Iloilo to Bacolod

5:00AM/ 11:00AM/ 5:00PM/ 11:00PM

Travel time between Bacolod to Iloilo: 1 hour 40 minutes

Dumaguete to Dapitan Boat Sailing time

6:00AM/ 2:00PM/ 10:00PM

Ship Departure Schedule Dapitan to Dumaguete

10:00AM/ 6:00PM/ 2:00AM

Boat trip Dumaguete going to or from Dapitan is 3 hours


FastCat main office is in 6th Floor, UNIOIL Center Building, Commerce Avenue Corner Acacia Avenue, Madrigal Business Park, Brgy. Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City. Their office contact # is (632) 842 9341-42.

Batangas Port, Sta Clara, Batangas City

Mobile Nos.: 09988453284/ 09189058909/09176516071

Email: batangas.port@fastcat.com.ph

Acting Port Officer: LEON D. FAYTAREN

Calapan Port, San Antonio, Calapan City

Mobile Nos.: 09988453285/ 09189064972/09176516082

Email: calapan.port@fastcat.com.ph

Acting Port Officer: ARGEMUEL A. ACLAN

Bulalacao Port, Kabangkalan, Poblacion Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro

Mobile Nos.: 09988453286/ 09189086974/09176515863

Email: bulalacao.port@fastcat.com.ph


Caticlan Port, Malay, Aklan

Mobile Nos.: 09988453305/ 09189064979/09176516061

Email: caticlan.port@fastcat.com.ph


Iloilo Port, Kalye 5. Brgy. Jalandoni Estate, Lapuz, Iloilo City

Mobile Nos.: 09988453287/ 09189086973/09176515945

Email: iloilo.port@fastcat.com.ph

Port Assistant: SHARMIN B. POCOT

Bacolod Port, Banago Port, Brgy. Banago, Bacolod City

Mobile Nos.: 09988453288/ 09189064982/09176515973

Email: bacolod.port@fastcat.com.ph


Dapdap Port (GSR3), Kinabranan, Allen Northern, Samar

Mobile Nos.: 09213021826

Email: dapdapport@yahoo.com.ph

Acting Port Officer: MELCHOR U. GARDON

Matnog Port, Matnog Ferry Terminal, Matnog, Sorsogon

Mobile Nos.: 09988453324/ 09189064974/09176515944

Email: matnog.port@fastcat.com.ph


San Isidro Port, Maharlika Highway, Salvacion, San Isidro, Northern Samar

Mobile Nos.: 09988453321/ 09189086982/09176515972

Email: sanisidro.port@fastcat.com.ph

Port Assistant: ANGELO A. ABLAO

Dumaguete Port, Brgy. Looc, Dumaguete City

Mobile Nos.: 09189087019/09176515891

Email: dumaguete.port@fastcat.com.ph

Port Officer: ERWIN C. LOPEZ

Dapitan Port, Port of Pulauan, Dapitan City

Mobile Nos.: 09189087019/ 09176515891

Email: dapitan.port@fastcat.com.ph

Port Officer: ERWIN C. LOPEZ

Cebu Port, V. Sotto St..cor Arellano Avenue Brgy. Tinago, Pier 3 Cebu City

Mobile Nos.: 09985930968/09176222233

Email: cebu.port@fastcat.com.ph

Port Officer: DESI M. MANAGASE

Tubigon Port, Beside Tubigon Cultural Center Brgy.Oriental, Tubigon City

Mobile Nos.: 09985930969/09176516977

Email: tubigon.port@fastcat.com.ph

Port Officer: DESI M. MANAGASE

Liloan Port, Liloan Port Ferry Terminal Leyte

Mobile Nos.: 09988810746/09189086993

Email: liloan.port@fastcat.com.ph

Acting Port Officer: JAY-AR O. TORRALBA

Lipata Port, Lipata Ferry Terminal, Surigao City

Mobile Nos.: 09988810747/09189086987

Email: lipata.port@fastcat.com.ph

Acting Port Officer: JAY-AR O. TORRALBA

San Carlos Port, Scarmona St. Brgy. 6, San Carlos City, Negros Occidental

Mobile Nos.: 09985930967/09177103496

Email: sancarlos.port@fastcat.com.ph


Toledo Port, Toledo Ferry Terminal, Cebu

Mobile Nos.: 09985930966/09177103453

Email: toledo.port@fastcat.com.ph



For any inquiry, please contact the mobile phone numbers listed above.

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