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We are now on the “BER” months and soon it will be December, that time of the year when most Filipinos are going home to their provinces to celebrate the Christmas holidays with their families.

One means of transport in traveling to the provinces is by means of sea travel. 2Go Travel offers affordable boat fares to various destinations in the Visayas and Mindanao.

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To help out our Biyaheros plan their trips, we shared here the Superferry ship schedule and departure time for the specific routes of Manila to Bacolod, Manila to Cebu, Manila to Iloilo and Manila to Cagayan de Oro. The ship sailing schedule from these places back to Manila is also mentioned in this post.



2Go Travel Departure Schedule Manila to Bacolod

For December, Superferry shipping vessels cruise thru the Philippine seas to bring passengers from Manila to Cagayan de Oro 4x a week. This is done by the following  2Go ships: on Mondays, Saint Francis Xavier; Tuesdays and Thursdays by Saint Therese of Child Jesus and on Fridays by St. Michael de Archangel.


Bacolod to Manila Superferry Ship Schedule

The Bacolod to Manila route is served by the same boats: Saint Francis Xavier which sails every Tuesday to Manila at 9:30AM; St. Michael The Archangel on Saturdays (4PM); and Saint Therese of Child Jesus on Sundays (11PM) and Wedenesdays (4pm).

Manila to Cebu Superferry Sailing Schedule

2Go Travel has 3 ships departing from Manila Pier 4 to Cebu 5x a week. Sunday (9AM) & Wednesday (6:30PM) trips are done by St. Pope John II; Mondays (7:30PM) & Fridays (9AM) by St. Leo The Great and the Thursday voyage by Saint Francis Xavier.

Boat Shipping Schedule of 2Go Travel Cebu to Manila

The Superferry ships making the Manila to Cebu route are also transporting commuters from Cebu to Manila. Every Sunday (1:30PM) & Wednesday (10PM), St. Leo The Great sails for Manila. The Tuesday (11:59AM) & Friday (9:30PM) trips are served by St. John Paul II while the Saturdays (8PM)voyage is done by Saint Francis Xavier.

2Go Travel Departure Timetable Manila to Iloilo

Serving the Manila to Iloilo trips are: Saint Francis Xavier every Mondays at 10AM; St. Therese of Child Jesus on Tuesdays (9aM) & Thursdays (9PM); and Fridays are done by St. Michael The Archangel (9aM).

Iloilo to Manila Superferry Departure Schedule

2Go Travel has 3 ships traversing the Iloilo to Manila routes. Sundays (4PM) and Wednesdays (8:30AM) is catered to by Saint Therese of Child Jesus; Tuesday trips (5PM) by Saint Francis Xavier and St. Michael The Archangel leaves Iloilo for Manila every 8:30AM on Saturdays.

Manila to Cagayan De Oro 2Go Ship Sailing Schedule

For December, 3 Superferry ships travel 4x a week to Cagayan De Oro from Manila. Leaving Manila every Sunday (9AM) and Wednesday (6:30PM) is the boat St. Pope John Paul II; on Mondays, St. Leo The Great sails for Cagayan De Oro at 7:30PM. The Thursday voyage is served by St. Therese of Child Jesus.

2Go Shipping Schedules Cagayan De Oro to Manila

Traveling from Cagayan de Oro to Manila is the 2Go Travel ship St. Pope John Paul II every Monday (11:59PM) & Friday (10AM). Boat trips on Wednesday is done by St. Leo The Great which departs at 11AM. St. Therese of Child Jesus sails to Manila at 11PM every Saturday.


The 2Go Travel ship sailing schedule may change without prior notice

For December 2016 travel schedule for Butuan, Dumaguete, Dipolog and Zamboanga, click this SCHEDULE


As of now, no promo announcement has been made by 2Go Travel management. Hopefully there could be promos soon so our Biyaheros can travel to their destinations on a lower cost.

If you are planning to go on a trip on the next few months, be always ready with your credit card or ATM card so that you can book right away as soon as 2Go Travel promo fare is offered. Most of the time, Superferry promos can be booked only by booking online at travel.2go.com.ph or calling 2Go Travel hotline (02) 528 7000.

Don’t forget that during your departure schedule, you have to present the following documents before boarding 2Go ships:

For credit card transactions- if you have booked your Superferry promo or regular tickets using credit card, present these documents: a) 2 copies of originally signed E-ticket Itinerary Receipts (signed by the passenger and the credit card holder); b) Photocopy of the credit card holder valid ID; c) Photocopy of the front portion of the credit card used in purchasing the ticket; d) Passenger’s valid ID

Documents required when you bought your ticket via ATM transactions are: a) 2 copies of the originally signed e-ticket Itinerary Receipts; b) Passenger’s valid ID.

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  1. Like to ask about 2GoSuperferry manila-cebu st.francis Xavier I heard that there’s a changes of time departure its supposed to be 9:00am December 8,2016..what time na re schedule or nakaalis ang barko?

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