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Cokaliong Ship Schedule and Boat Fares 2019 Visayas to Mindanao

Cokaliong Shipping Lines is one of the maritime company transporting passengers and cargos from the Visayas to Mindanao and vice versa.


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Here are updated Cokaliong trip schedules and ticket prices 2018 for travel for the routes Cebu to Cagayan de Oro, Dapitan, Iligan, Nasipit, Ozamiz, Surigao and from these places back to Cebu.

Also shown are Cokaliong trips on these routes: Dumaguete to Dapitan and vice versa, Jagna to Cagayan De Oro and Nasipit and vice versa.

Read Cokaliong trip schedule and boat fares 2019 for Visayas and Masbate.

Cokaliong Visayas to Mindanao Trip Schedule

Cebu to Cagayan De Oro Cokaliong Boat Trips

MV Filipinas Jagna leaves Cebu Port every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 7PM, arriving in CDO at 5:30AM the following day

Cokaliong Ship Schedule Cagayan De Oro to Cebu

For the Cagayan De Oro to Cebu voyage, MV Filipinas Jagna exits CDO every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7PM and get to Cebu at 5:30 the morning after.

Boat Fares Cebu to Cagayan De Oro/Vice Versa
  • Economy- P1,020
  • Lounge- P1,090
  • Tourist- P1,125
  • Business Class- P1,230
  • Cabin- P1,615/ P1,720 per person/ P3,650/ room (2 persons)
  • Suite room- P3,910/ P3,400 (good for 2 persons); P8,210 (good for 4)
Cokaliong Ship Schedule Cebu to Dapitan

Every Monday, Tueday, Wednesday at 7PM and arriving in Dapitan at 10:30AM the next day.

On Thursdays and Sundays, exits Cebu at 7PM; ETA in Dapitan is 6:30 AM the following day.

On Fridays, ship leaves at 7PM, will arrive in Dapitan at 10:30AM.

Dapitan to Cebu Cokaliong Trip Schedule

Every Monday and Friday Pier leaves Dapitan at 7PM. ETA Cebu at 6AM the next day.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturday departs Dapitan at 4PM and reaches Cebu on Thursdays at 7AM.

Ship Ticket Prices Cebu to Dapitan and Vice Versa

Economy- P660

Tourist- P950

Cabin- P1,385/ person

Suite Room- P3,165/ per room (good for 2 persons)

Cokaliong Trips Cebu to Iligan

Cokaliong ferry depart Cebu for Iligan every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 7PM and reaches Iligan the following day at 9:30AM except the Friday voyage which arrives at 10AM.

Iligan to Cebu Cokaliong Sailing Schedule

Voyages for Iligan to Cebu is at 4PM every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Expected time of arrival in Cebu is 5:30AM the morning after.

Ticket Prices Cebu to Iligan/ Iligan to Cebu

Economy- P1,045

Lounge- P1,200

Business- P1,380

Cabin- P1,600/ P1,670 per person; P3,450 per room (good for 2 persons)

Suite room- P3,820 (good for 2 persons); P5,730 (good for 3)

Cokaliong Boat Trips Cebu to Nasipit

Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 7PM; arrival time in Nasipit Pier is 5AM the next day.

Nasipit to Cebu Cokaliong Sailing Schedule

From Nasipit, Cokaliong shipping vessels MV Filipinas Butuan MV Filipinas Nasipit carry travelers to Cebu every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday at 7PM. ETA Cebu is 5AM the next day.

Cokaliong Boat Fares Cebu to Nasipit/ Nasipit to Cebu

Economy- P995

Tourist- P1,225

Cabin- P1,490/ P1,725 per person; P3,680 per room (2 persons)

Suite room- P4,080 (good for 2 persons); P6,120 (good for 3)

Departure Schedule Cebu to Ozamiz

Every day except Wednesdayay, leaving Cebu at 7PM, arriving in Ozamiz the following day at 5AM or 6:30AM the following day.

Ozamiz to Cebu Cokaliong Departure Schedule

Cokaliong ships depart Ozamiz at 7PM on Mondays and 8PM on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Expected arrival time in Cebu is 5:30AM or 6:30AM the day after.

Cebu to Ozamiz/ Ozamiz to Cebu Ticket Rates

Economy- P1,045

Tourist- P1,200

Cabin- P1,600/ person

Suite room- P3,820 (good for 2 persons); P5,730 (good for 3)

Cokaliong Ship Schedule Cebu to Surigao

From Cebu, shipping vessels of Cokaliong have daily trips to Surigao at 7PM with estimated time of arrival in Surigao at 3:30AM the following day.

Surigao to Cebu Sailing Schedule

Cokaliong ships leave for Cebu daily at 7PM. Estimated time of arrival in Cebu is 3:30AM the next day.

Cokaliong Ship Ticket Rates Cebu to Surigao

Economy- P825     

Lobby- P850                               

Lounge- P875                                          

Tourist- P1,025                                         

Cabin- P1,350 per person                       

Suite- P3,200 / P3,400/ P3,550 per room (good for 2 persons); P7,100 per room (good for 4 persons)

Dumaguete to Dapitan Voyage Schedule

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday at 7AM, and reach Dapitan at 10:30AM or 11AM the next day.

Dapitan to Dumaguete Cokaliong Boat Trips

4PM every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday at 4PM and expected to arrive in Dumaguete at 8PM or 8:30PM the same day.

Ticket Rates Dumaguete to Dapitan/ Dapitan to Dumaguete

Economy- P320                                      

Tourist- P400

Cabin- P609

Suite Room- P1,273 good for 2 persons; P1,910 good for 3 persons

Ship Schedule Jagna to Cagayan De Oro and Vice Versa

Every Sunday at 12AM, Cokaliong ship leaves Jagna for Cagayan De Oro. The boat arrives 5:30 the morning after.

Cagayan De Oro to Jagna Boat Schedule

Every Sunday at 12PM and expected to reach Jagna Pier at 5:30PM on the same day.

Cokaliong Fares Jagna to Cagayan De Oro/ Vice Versa

Economy- P700

Lobby- P725

Lounge- P745/ P785

Tourist- P820

Cabin- P1,020

Suite room- P2,300/ P2,415 (good for 2 persons); P5,060 (good for 4)

Jagna to Nasipit Cokaliong Trip Schedule

12AM on Sundays; expected to arrive in Nasipit at 5AM on Mondays.

Cokaliong Trips Nasipit to Jagna

Every Sunday at 12PM. The ship is anticipated to reach Jagna at 5PM on the same day.

Boat Ticket Prices Jagna to Nasipit/ Nasipit to Jagna

Economy- P690

Tourist- P805

Cabin- P920/ person

Suite room- P2,070 per room (good for 2 persons); P3,105 per room (good for 3)

Cabin- P1,450/ room (good for 2)

Cokaliong Boat Schedules for Mindanao Travel

Sailing Schedule Iligan to Ozamiz

Every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 4PM; expected to reach Ozamiz 2 hours later (6PM).

Ozamiz to Iligan Cokaliong Boat Trips

Every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 7:30AM. Ship is expected to dock in Iligan at 9:30AM or 10AM on the same day.

Boat Fares Iligan to Ozamiz/ Ozamiz to Iligan

Economy- P230

Tourist- P310

Business Class- P345

Cabin- P400/ P430 per person; P900 per room (good for 2)

Suite room- P920 (good for 2 persons); P1,380 (good for 3)

Cokaliong Shipping Lines ship departure schedule are subject to change without prior notice.

For any concern, please contact Cokaliong Shipping Head Office in Cebu at telephone #: (032) 232 7211 from 8AM to 5PM, Monday to Saturday.

Cokaliong office is located at Cokaliong Tower, Serging Osmena Avenue, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City.

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