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Aleson Shipping Schedule, Boat Fares, Offices & Contact Numbers


Hello travelers! Do you have plans to travel to Western Mindanao and Visayas? If so, sail to your destination via Aleson ships!

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A Zamboanga based maritime company, Aleson Shipping Lines Inc. is operating a fleet of 25 vessels for their trips to various destinations in Mindanao and select Visayas ports.

To date, Aleson shipping vessels travel between these routes:

Zamboanga to Isabela/ Isabela to Zamboanga

Zamboanga to Lamitan/ Lamitan to Zamboanga

Zamboanga to Bongao Tawi=Tawi/ Vice Versa

Zamboanga to Jolo, Sulu/ Vice Versa

Dumaguete to Pulauan, Dipolog/ Vice Versa

Cebu to Tubigon, Bohol/ Vice Versa

Aleson carry passengers and cargos onboard their ships and fast craft. The company is also into containerized cargo.

Aleson Trip Schedule and Boat Fares

Zamboanga to Isabela/ Isabela to Zamboanga Trips

Aleson Zamboanga to Isabela Schedule
  • MV Anika Gayle- Daily, 6:30AM / 12:00PM (boat trip for 1 hour)
  • MV Stephanie Marie- Daily 9:45AM/ 3:45PM (voyage- 1 hour 15 minutes)
  • MV Estrella Del Mar- Daily 6:45AM/ 12:30PM
Isabela to Zamboanga Trips
  • MV Anika Gayle- Daily 9:00AM/ 3:00PM
  • MV Stephanie Marie- 6:45AM/ 12:45PM
  • MV Estrella Del Mar- 9:30AM/ 3:30PM
Zamboanga to Isabela Boat Fares/ Vice Versa


Zamboanga to Lamitan Trips/ Vice Versa

Zamboanga to Lamitan Voyage

MV Ciara Joie- Daily at 6:45AM/ 12:30PM

MV Trisha Kerstin- Daily at 9:30AM/ 3:00PM

Aleson Ship Schedule Lamitan to Zamboanga

MV Ciara Joie- Daily at 9:30AM/ 3:30PM

MV Trisha Kerstin- Daily: 7:00AM/ 12:30PM

Boat Fares Zamboanga to Lamitan/ Vice Versa


Zamboanga to Bongao Boat Trips/ Vice Versa

Aleson Zambanga to Bongao, Tawi-Tawi Schedule
  • MV Trisha Kerstin- Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday at 6PM
Trip Schedule Bongao to Zamboanga
  • MV Trisha Kerstin- Tuesday/ Thursday/ Saturday at 6PM
Ticket Rates Zamboanga to Bongao/ Vice Versa


Zamboanga to Jolo Departure Schedule/ Vice Versa

Zamboanga to Jolo Trips
  • MV Lady Mary Joy 3- Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday/ Sunday at 8PM
Boat Trips Jolo to Zamboanga
  • MV Lady Mary Joy 3- Tuesday/ Thursday/ Saturday at 8PM; Mondays at 9AM
Zamboanga to Jolo Ticket Price/ Vice Versa


Dumaguete to Pulauan, Dipolog/ Vice Versa Trips

Dumaguete to Dipolog Boat Trips
  • MV Danica Joy- Every at 4:00AM
  • MV Trisha Kerstin 3- Daily 3:30PM
Dipolog to Dumaguete Sailing Schedule
  • MV Danica Joy- Daily at 10:30AM
  • MV Trisha Kerstin- 3:30AM Daily departure
Dumaguete to Dipolog/ Vice Versa Fare Rates


Cebu to Tubigon, Bohol Voyage Schedule/ Vice Versa

Cebu to Tubigon Sailing Schedule
  • MV Sea Jet- Daily at 7:45AM/ 11:15AM/ 2:55PM/ 6:15PM
Tubigon to Cebu Trip Schedule
  • MV Sea Jet- Daily at 6:00AM/ 9:30AM/ 11:00PM/ 4:30PM

Aleson Shipping Lines Office Address and Contact Info

Aleson Shipping Main Office

Address: 172 Veterans Ave., Zamboanga City

Tel # (062) 991-4258, 991-2687 / Fax # (062) 991-2099

E-mail Address:  alesonzam@yahoo.com

Aleson Cargo Office

Address: Alejo Alvarez St., Zamboanga City

Tel # (062) 992-3853, 992-5506

Zamboanga Ticketing Office of Aleson

Address: Alejo Alvarez St. & Port Area, Zamboanga City

Tel # (062) 992-5507, 992-6410, 992-4585

Cebu Branch Office of Aleson

Address: Arellano Boulevard Corner Pier 2, San Roque, Cebu City

Tel # (032) 255-5673, 255-7157, 253-1934 / Fax # (032) 255-6277

E-mail Address: alesoncebucity@yahoo.com

Aleson Dumaguete Branch:

Address: Pier 1, Port Area, Dumaguete City

Tel # (035) 225-8169, 422-8762 / Fax # (035) 225-8169

E-mail Address: alesondmgte@yahoo.com

Dipolog Branch of Aleson

Address: Chavez St., Dipolog City (Infront of Top Plaza Hotel)

Tel # (065) 212-8652 to 53 / Fax # (065) 212-8652 / CY: (065)212-8752

Aleson Tubigon Branch

Address: Tubigon Centro, Tubigon Bohol

Cel # 0922-858-5036

Bacolod Branch Office of Aleson

Address: Reclamation Port 7, Bredco Port 2, Bacolod City

Tel # (034) 434-8404/ Fax # (034) 434-8404 / Cel # 0922-858-5037

Aleson Bongao Branch

Address: Datu Halun St., Bongao Tawi-Tawi

Cel # 0908-963-4745

Aleson Shipping Manila Branch

Address: Road 10, Vitas Tondo, Manila (Fronting SM Hypermart)

Tel # (02) 736-9546, 994-0549

Cel # 0917-721-5724, 0922-858-5035, 0998-970-3761, 0998-970-3762

Kalibo Branch Office of Aleson

0158 Unit A, Veterans Ave., Kalibo Aklan

Tel # (036) 268-3664

So there! Hope this post helps our dear Byaheros traveling to the areas mentioned above.

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