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2Go Travel December 2018 Boat Trips and Fare to/from Batangas


Check on this post 2Go Travel sailing schedule and ticket prices December 2018 for voyages to/from Batangas.

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Information shown below may guide if you will be traveling to these routes for the holidays.

Batangas to/ from Caticlan

Batangas to/ from Odiongan

Batangas to Romblon/ vice versa

Batangas to Roxas/ vice versa

Voyage schedule and ticket rates were taken thru online booking on December 10, 2018. Please be aware that some of the trips are already fully booked, thus no longer available for booking.

If you want to check ticket availability for your travel date, please book online at www.travel.2go.com.ph or visit any 2Go Stores located nationwide.

December 2018 2Go Travel Trip Schedule to Batangas/ Vice Versa

Batangas to Caticlan 2Go Boat Trips

Daily except Monday 9PM on board St. Ignatius de Loyola

Daily except Monday at 10AM via St. Augustine of Hippo

December 17, 2018 at 4PM (Monday) on board St. Anthony de Padua

2Go Ship Schedule Caticlan to Batangas

Daily except Tuesday at 8AM via St, Ignatius de Loyola

Daily except Monday at 11PM on board St. Augustine of Hippo

December 11 and 18, 2018 at 8AM (Tuesdays) via St. Anthony de Padua

Batangas to Odiongan Departure Schedule

Every 10AM Tuesday to Sunday via St. Augustine of Hippo

December 17, 2018 (Monday) on board St. Anthony de Padua

Sailing Schedule Odiongan to Batangas

St. Ignatius de Loyola sails from Odiongan to Batangas at 11:30AM every day except Tuesdays

Batangas to Romblon

St. Anthony de Padua travel on the same route on Tuesdays (December 11 and 18, 2018) at 11:30AM

Batangas to Romblon 2Go Trip Schedule

St. Anthony de Padua departs Batangas for Romblon every Tuesday at 10PM; 6PM every Thursday and Saturday.

Boat Schedule Romblon to Batangas

Every Wednesday at 10PM; 9PM on Friday and Sundays on board St. Anthony de Padua

Batangas to Roxas Ferry Schedule

2Go Travel ship St. Anthony de Padua leaves Batangas for Roxas every Tuesday at 10PM; every Thursday and Saturday at 6PM.

2Go Travel Voyage Schedule Roxas to Batangas

Boat trips Roxas to Batangas is served by St. Anthony de Padua, departing Roxas on Wednesdays at 3PM and 2PM on Fridays and Sundays.

2Go Travel Ticket Prices December 2018 to/from Batangas

Batangas to Caticlan Boat Fares

December 12, 2018- P1,214.00

December 16, 2018- P1,463.99

December 19, 2018- P1,391.99

December 20, 2018- P1,541.99

December 21-23, 2018- no available accommodations

December 25, 2018- P1,441.99

December 26, 2018- P1,441.99

December 27, 2018- P1,391.99

December 30, 2018- P1,363.99

2Go Ticket Rates Caticlan to Batangas

December 12, 2018- P1,292.00

December 16, 2018- P1,341.99

December 20, 2018- P1,363.99

December 22, 2018- P1,341.99

December 24, 2018- P1,341.99

December 27, 2018- P1,313.99

December 30, 2018- P1,441.99

Batangas to Odiongan Ship Ticket Prices

December 11, 2018- P1,064.00

December 15, 2018- P1,064.00

December 19, 2018- P1,214.00

December 20- 24, 2018- no more available accommodation

December 25, 2018- P1,214.00

December 27, 2018- P1,214.00

December 30, 2018- P1,214.00

2Go Fares Odiongan to Batangas

December 11, 2018- P1,064.00

December 15, 2018- P963.99

December 18, 2018- P1,163.99

December 19, 2018- P1,163.99

December 21, 2018- P1,163.99

December 23, 2018- P1,163.99

December 27, 2018- P1,163.99

December 30, 2018- P1,214.00

Batangas to Romblon Passage Rates

December 11, 2018- P1,214.00

December 15, 2018- P1,391.99

December 20-27, 2018- no available accommodation

December 29, 2018- P1,441.99

Boat Fares Romblon to Batangas

December 12, 2018- P1,247.60

December 16, 2018- P1,297.60

December 21, 2018- P1,297.60

December 23, 2018- P1,297.60

December 26, 2018- P1,297.60

December 28, 2018- P1,297.60

December 30, 2018- P1,297.60

Batangas to Roxas Ticket Prices

December 11, 2018- P1,264.00

December 15, 2018- P1,414.00

December 18-27, 2018- no available accommodation

December 29, 2018- P1,463.99

2Go Travel Fares Roxas to Batangas

December 12, 2018- P1,136.00

December 16, 2018- P1,236.00

December 19, 2018- P1,336.00

December 21, 2018- P1,236.00

December 23, 2018- P1,236.00

December 26, 2018- P1,236.00

December 28, 2018- P1,236.00

December 30, 2018- P1,236.00

2Go Travel ship schedule are subject to change without prior notice.

Boat ticket prices are the lowest fare on the travel dates. However, this might not be the same if you will be booking 2Go ticket closer to your date of travel. Tickets are on a first come, first serve basis.

Be reminded that you may not be allowed boarding on 2Go ferries if you do not have a valid ID and the eTicket Itinerary Receipt.

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